Although it is true that the dirt and dust in our homes is more visible during the spring period, this doesn’t mean that our homes are clean in the other months. That’s why we must keep our home clean all the time. One thing that is present in almost every modern home is the carpet. The carpets are an excellent choice for those who want to improve the appearance of their home, improve insulation, safety and even their health. However, in order to feel all these benefits of using carpets, we must keep them clean and maintain them on a regular basis. There are many people who are using cleaning approach that involves products and techniques that can harm the environment. If you are a person that cares about Mother Nature, you’ll be glad that there are environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and products that can provide excellent results. The following isa list of a few simple eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips.

1.       Non-toxic products

Cleaning your carpet sometimes requires the use of certain cleaning products. The fact is that the majority of cleaning products today come with strong chemicals that are bad for our health and for the environment too. So, next time you are buying a product like this in the local store, spend some time reading the label. Look for products that are harmless and non-topics. Avoid products that are filled with dangerous chemicals. There are many eco-friendly carpet cleaning commercial products. In addition, you can find recipes and prepare some on your own.

2.       Adequate and regular maintenance

There is no doubt that modern people lack time and they often prolong carpet cleaning process. This is a bad practice which can result in many problems and some of them are dangerous to human health. If your carpets get very dirty, you will need to use more powerful cleaning products which usually contain more powerful toxins. In order to avoid situations like this, clean your carpets on a regular basis. Use your vacuum cleaner at least once a week and try to use homemade cleaning products or eco-friendly commercial products.

3.       Homemade deodorizers

After some period of time, it is possible to notice a bad odor coming from the carpets even if you have cleaned them (more or less) regularly. A thorough cleaning will probably fix the problem, but we can’t perform such cleaning every time we notice these odors. The simplest solution is to use homemade deodorizers based on baking soda. Take the baking soda in your hand and sprinkle small amounts of soda on top of the areas where you have noticed the smell.

4.       Stain removal in a natural way

Playful children, pets, parties – these are some of the reasons that lead to the appearance of many stains on the carpet. Instead of buying a product full of chemicals from your local store, use a mixture of vinegar and water. Apply this solution on the problematic areas wait for 5 minutes and rub with a sponge. Finally, use organic carpet shampoos.